about me

My name is Ellie, and these days you can find me diving headfirst into MY life. I've recently realized that throughout my life I've struggled to enjoy the little joys of the everyday. I realized that the boundaries you set for yourself, hesitation, and self doubt are the biggest obstacles to molding your dreams and making them a reality. These are obstacles that I've placed in front of me, and now that I've decided to knock them all down, I AM FREED. My mind often floods with thoughts of regret for not realizing this sooner, but everyday I'm reminded that our paths are all so different and there's no need to live on a strict timeline. Because in the end, we all so wonderfully end up right where we're supposed to be.

I'm 28, live in South Louisiana, am married to the love of my life, mama to our sweet girl Eleanor, two sweet pups ( Lilly and Baxter ), and our cat named Joe. I have a renewed passion for food and drinks, home design, and motherhood and am working really hard at living the life I've always dreamed for myself.

I've got motherhood, marriage, home remodels, a blossoming career, health and financial planning all ahead of me, and I couldn't be more excited. So please, come and visit me here in this little space I'm carving out for myself, and join me as I learn to live life fearlessly!

from my heart to yours,


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