Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"One day she stopped letting fear hold her back and chose to live bravely. From then on she flew."

When your life ends up just where you imagined it always would, you begin to question which decision it was that got you there. Because obviously, you want to make sure you keep making decisions like that one ALL THE TIME. Then, it hits you, it's not about one decision, it's not about just one choice, it's about the series of choices you've made your whole life. Turns out, amongst a plethora of very unwise decisions, I must've made a few goods ones, and the combinations worked out just great.

my jesse and me

This year, I'll be 27, living with a wonderful man in my childhood home, mother of two silly pups, and a bride-to-be. I'm so happy it scares me, but then I let go of that fear and realize that life is too short to worry about what could happen. Instead, I choose to live fully and enjoy every glass of wine, every episode of Breaking Bad, every family get together, every new pair of shoes, every cheese plate, taco, and bowl of gumbo. I'll enjoy quiet nights at home, busy days at work, stressful days of wedding planning. I will enjoy and cherish all of it, and I'll share most of this with you.

Ellie : ]


  1. This is cool! But, i will admit i am a bit confused how this works!?? Will i get notifications of ur blogs or do i just checkin?? Anyhoo, this is great and you are awesome! Love ya!!

    1. haha you'll just have to check in every now and then if you'd like to see my posts. I'll usually put something on instagram whenever I've added a new post. Love you!